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Why is it called Shawn Doyle Motivates? Because when Shawn Doyle CSP is training, he motivates the people in the class to want to learn more, grow more, be more, and to get better at what they do!

We offer highly interactive training programs on a wide range of topics including leadership and management, communication skills, sales effectiveness, motivation, creativity and innovation, problem solving, customer service and an entire collection of HR related topics. We have dozens of proven and tested training programs we can facilitate for you at your location. You will see training in a whole new light!

Many training programs can be boring dry or dull, but we don’t do boring! Our training programs are engaging, motivating, interactive, relevant and thought-provoking and most of all, tailored to your needs. If you want training that fires up excites and motivates your team- you have come to the right place. The bottom line- we get results! Because we get results, 99.9% of our clients ask us to come back again and again.

We have short programs (a few hours), half- and full-day programs, and even comprehensive long-term leadership development programs. With almost three decades of experience, we are flexible and can provide training solutions to solve your business problems.

  • Negotiating for Success

    The tactics and techniques of negotiating pros

  • SalesPro!

    A new look at selling that gets dramatic results- 4 days of class over 4 months

  • SalesPro: Prospecting

    A new look at prospecting with creative approaches

  • SalesPro: Preparation & Presenting

    A new look at preparation and presenting with a unique twist

  • SalesPro: Handling Objections

    A new look at Handling objections in a new age

  • SalesPro: Closing

    How to close more

  • SalesPro: Service

    Giving the service they deserve

  • How to Get Along with Everyone Every Time

    Using the study of behavioral styles to get along and reduce conflict

  • SAS: Selling After The Sale

    The secrets and techniques of getting the business and keeping the business after you get the sale

  • SAS: Advanced Selling Skills for Selling After the Sale

    The secrets and techniques of getting the business and keeping the business after you get the sale

  • The Terrific Tradeshow: Tradeshow Sales Today

    The tools and techniques for dong tradeshow and getting results

  • Jumpstart Your Creativity

    The essential skills of creativity business and in life

  • Creating a Culture of Innovation

    How to lead and manage a culture of innovation

  • Jumpstart Your Motivation

    How to get motivated and stay there!

  • Goal Setting for Results

    How to set goals and achieve your dreams

  • 2 Months to Motivation

    Tools and techniques for getting motivated

  • T.A.- Transactional Analysis: The Secret to Better Communication

    How to analyze any communication to make it more effective and relevant

  • The Sun Still Rises- Surviving and Thriving After Grief and Loss

    A program for dealing with grief and loss

  • Total Team!

    How to be more effective as a team

  • The 10 Foundation of Team

    The 10 key elements to building and maintaining a team

  • Targeted Customer Service

    The keys to being better at customer service

  • Jumpstart Your Customer Service

    Learning key service concepts but studying great people in service

  • What you don’t know could hurt you- Sexual Harassment Prevention

    How prevent sexual harassment at work everyday

  • What matters- diversity and inclusion

    Diversity and inclusion in today’s world and what it all means

  • Stress for Less- How to reduce stress and be healthy

    The essential tools for managing stress at home and at work

  • Emotional Intelligence in a modern world

    One skills that helps determine success at work is having a high EQ

Shawn Doyle CSP

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If you want to change your life or finally create the life you always wanted, to be empowered to reach your goals then Shawn Doyle is your man.

I have worked with Shawn, and as a life coach, he encouraged, supported and motivated me to change my thinking and give me the tools to drive me beyond my preconceived limitations. Shawn is a gifted life coach who can help you meet your goals.

Dave Gregory

Shawn is that unique talent who is both the consummate professional and has the ability to communicate, relate and touch the attendee. I have worked extensively with Shawn and have been amazed time and again how he is able to bridge the gap between the facilitator and the attendee to create powerful learning experiences that transforms the lives of people.

Mark Dolinski

Greater Reading Chamer of Commerce

Shawn’s Lessons in Leadership program is a practical approach to training that provides actionable steps resulting in positive outcomes for your personal life or business. Shawn is an excellent trainer/instructor and speaker. I highly recommend Shawn for any business or organization.”

Jennifer Thompson