2 Months to Motivation


In many organizations, is important that employees be satisfied, happy and motivated, because we know from all the research that happy motivated employees are more productive and stay longer. This program helps individuals get and stay motivated.


  • To discuss and learn about how to define motivation for you professionally and personally

  • To discuss tools and techniques for getting and staying motivated at the highest level

  • To define satisfaction and happiness at work and at home

  • To learn how to create your own motivation map in order to maximize your level of motivation.

Program Outline:

Motivation by connection

There is no question that being able to connect with other people plays a huge role in getting and staying motivated. When people feel connected to other human beings, it has an impact on them and the people around them. Participants complete a thought-provoking exercise on the connection network, which allows them to think through who the people are that they need to connect to personally and professionally, and the activities involved to do that successfully.

Motivation by appreciation

One way of getting and staying more motivated is to understand the role that gratitude plays with getting and staying motivated. Thinking about what we have and what we don’t have is essential to appreciating life at work and home, and feeling more motivated. We also do a thought-provoking exercise in gratitude to get people to understand what they are grateful for in their life.

Overcoming adversity and developing resilience

Every person has adversity at some level or another. In this part of the program we talk about tools and techniques for surviving and thriving after any type of adversity in life or at work.

Motivating by learning and growing

One way of getting and staying motivated is to be in a continual path of learning and growing every single day. In this part of the program we talk about tools and techniques for continuing to learn and grow, both personally and professionally in order to drive our level of motivation.

Motivation by association

There is no doubt the quality of your life is in direct correlation to the quality of the people that you associate with. In this part of the program we talk about two different kinds of people; ESV’s and EBC’s, and how to tell the difference between them. We also discuss the tremendous impact that both types of people can have on your life for either getting motivated or being demotivated.

Motivation by attitude choice

Most research indicates that attitude is not just a normal state, it is a choice that people can make every single day. Someone can decide to have either a negative attitude or they can decide to have a positive attitude. In this section of the program we give people tools in order to frame their thinking and change their attitude overall.

Motivation by choosing responses

We always say it’s not what happens to you, it’s your response to what happens to you. In this part of the program we talk about response choice and emotional intelligence and how they play an integral part to be more motivated

Motivation with environmental control

In order to get and stay motivated, we have to exert as much control as possible over our environment. In this part of the program we talk about how the environment around you can have a significant impact on your level of motivation, including the choices you make about what to surround yourself with as well.

Action Plans

We wrap up the session by asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.


  • Option #1: One ½ day program

  • Option #2: (1) webinar

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