Shawn Doyle

Hi, I’m Shawn Doyle CSP

It’s nice to meet you!

I am a certified professional speaker with the CSP designation. I’m sure you have heard of board certified surgeons- I am a board certified speaker. Only 8% of speakers in the world have this designation so I am very proud of that and it is a mark of quality for you. I am also a certified corporate coach. My life passion is to make a positive difference in people’s lives by helping them live to their full potential both at work and at home as people go through something called life.

I have spent almost three decades in the world of personal and professional development, and from 2000- 2003, I co-founded a Corporate University for Comcast where I was Vice President of Learning and Development. I have many amazing clients some of which include Pfizer, Zippo, Comcast, Lockheed Martin, NBC, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Guidepost, ABC, Disney, Kraft, the U.S. Marines, Charter, The Ladders and IBM.

I am known for my thought provoking fun and highly interactive training programs and keynotes. That means you will get the results you are looking for and I guarantee it. The biggest compliment I get is I being asked to come back again and again to work with my clients.

I am the author of 18 books some of which include: The Ten Foundations of Motivation (iUniverse) , Sales Science ( Café Press), The Manager’s Pocket Guide to Motivating Employees ( HRD Press) The Managers Pocket Guide to Training ( HRD Press) Juiced!- How to be more creative in business and in life! (Café Press) as well as 2 Months to Motivation! (Anfang Jeztz Publishing) Jumpstart Your Motivation (Sound Wisdom) The Soul Survivor (Destiny Image) Jumpstart Your Leadership (Sound Wisdom – 2013) Jumpstart Your Creativity (Sound Wisdom 2013) The Sun Still Rises (Sound Wisdom 2014) Jumpstart Your Customer Service (Sound Wisdom 2014) and Jumpstart Your Business (Sound Wisdom 2015)

Four of my books are now being translated into 10 languages and being distributed and sold in India, Malaysia, Singapore, China and Quebec, Canada. I live in the scenic rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania made famous by Andrew Wythe paintings. I share my life with an amazing wonderful wife and three crazy cats.