Setting Expectations and Accountability as a Leader


One of the core competencies of leadership is to make sure that your team accomplishes their goals and objectives. One smart way of doing that is to be very skillful in setting expectations and holding people accountable to the results of the work. Some leaders don’t know how to set expectations or how to hold people accountable. This innovative thought-provoking program teaches leaders how to skillfully and effectively hold people accountable.


  • To teach leaders the two key elements that drive performance

  • To learn and understand the three key areas for setting expectations and to understand the challenges of setting expectations and holding people to the standards

  • To understand and apply the six rules for accountability

  • To discuss and learn the tools that can be used for holding people accountable

Program Outline:

Elements that Drive Performance

In the opening module of the program, we talk in depth about the two main elements that drive performance in an organization, which are 1) clearly setting expectations and 2) holding people accountable for their work. We also have a fascinating discussion as to why many managers and leaders don’t manage expectations well, or hold people accountable.

3 Areas for Setting Expectations

In the next segment of the program, we cover the three key areas for setting expectations, including some that leaders almost never think about. In each of the three areas, we give leaders specific tools and techniques for setting expectations.

The Biggest Challenge

In this module we talk about the biggest challenges people in leadership and management role phase when it comes to setting expectations and making them clear. We break people into groups and have lively discussions about their real life challenges and problems that they have around setting expectations.

Accountability Rules

In this part of the program, we give participants some very compelling and interesting rules for holding people accountable for their work. Many managers that we work with tell us that one of the biggest challenges about holding people accountable is being able to measure results. We give leaders some very useful and relevant tools to measure results that are used by world-class organizations around the world.

Accountability Toolbox

Many people in a leadership role do not know how to hold people accountable, or what tools they can use to reinforce accountability. In this section of the program, we give leaders seven different tools for holding people accountable, and talk about the strengths and liabilities of each tool.

Action Plans

We wrap of the session with asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.

Class Formats:

  • Option #1: One half day program

  • Option #2: (2) webinars

  • Option #3: (2) Half day live programs

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