Jumpstart Your Networking

Jumpstart Your Networking: 10 Jolts to Ignite Your Networking Success

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There is an old saying that goes, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Even in today’s world this is still true. In Jumpstart Your Networking, Shawn Doyle CSP will share with you the tools, tips, and techniques for networking in order to grow your business, career, work, and social networks.

This book includes important topics such as:

  • The 10 mistakes most people make when networking.
  • Identifying your networking goals and objectives.
  • How to effectively network at events.
  • How to talk with people when you network.
  • Building your work and social networks.
  • Using LinkedIn as a networking tool.
  • Networking at the office.
  • Joining groups as a networking strategy.
  • Communication and follow-up for networking—what most people don’t do.
  • Your overall networking strategy.
  • Tracking and measurement—how do you know it’s working?
  • Resources for networking.

Jump Start your Networking” is an important book for small business entrepreneurs, corporate management, leaders in education, and for individuals at every stage of their career in any field. Highly recommended.

Richard R. Blake

They say people who stand out are the people who do whatever they do better than anyone else who does it. Shawn Doyle is a dynamic author who inspires and motivates people through his words. Having known Shawn since 2012, I would say that Shawn stands out!

Michelle Colon-Johnson, Founder of 2 Dream Productions, Inc.

We have produced several of Shawn’s books as audiobooks. I’ve always discovered new ideas and innovative thinking that can be applied to any business. Shawn’s material is an investment in learning that you can take to the bank. His straight forward, easy-to-follow writing style makes his collection of books worthy of any entrepreneur’s library as an excellent resource to refer back to year after year and share with colleagues.

Rich Germaine , Audiobook Producers.com

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