Building Effective Teams


If you are going to be an effective leader, you need to also become an expert in the building and maintaining of effective teams. This training program teaches managers, supervisors, and leaders the tools, techniques, and ideas behind building and maintaining a highly effective team in an interactive and thought-provoking training program.


  • To learn the importance of building effective teams

  • To learn and apply general techniques for improving team performance and effectiveness

  • To understand the qualities of effective teams

  • o create an action plan for improving your own team’s performance and effectiveness

Program Outline:

Great Teams and Their Qualities

In the beginning exercise of this training program, we break the group into smaller teams, and they make a list of examples of great teams and what it is that makes them great. We follow that with an in-depth discussion about the hallmarks of great teams, and how, as leaders, we can help them perform at high levels.

Team Exercise: Building the Tower

In this section of the training, we break the class into smaller groups of four or five people and assign them the task of building a tower. The team that builds the tallest tower in the allotted amount of time becomes the winning team. After we completed the exercise, we ask the participants to debrief each other about how they worked together as a team, and what the experience was for each team member who took a leadership role. This debriefing concludes with a serious discussion about team dynamics and roles.

Characteristics of Good Teambuilding

In this section of the training, we talk about the 11 key aspects of good teambuilding and how they work from a leadership and management perspective. Following the overview of these characteristics, we then ask each person to carefully review where they stand on each of the skill sets, which ones they feel are their strengths, and which ones need to be improved.

The 10 Leadership Skills for Building an Effective Team

In this module, we review the 10 key leadership skills that are necessary to build and maintain an effective team. These skill sets include hiring well, managing expectations, instilling culture and vision, having effective meetings, handling conflict and much more. By the time this training is complete, managers and leaders have a very clear idea about the skills that are needed to lead and manage a team effectively.

Action Plan

At the end of the program, each participant is asked to create an individual customized action plan as to how they’re going to apply everything they learned back to their work.

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