Understanding Employment Law: Everything Leaders Need to Know but Were Afraid to Ask


In today’s very litigious world, every organization should be concerned about something that can cost a company or organization lots of time and money; legal issues that are caused by leaders and managers who are not educated about employment law. This section of our training program is designed to give managers and leaders a comprehensive overview of what they need to know about employment law, including what they should do and, more importantly, what they should never do.


  • To learn about and come to understand the law and employment rights

  • To learn about and come to understand the legal obligations of those in a leadership role

  • To understand harassment and how it is defined

  • To understand employment law as it relates to pay, benefits and hiring

  • To learn about and come to understand performance management legalities

  • To learn and apply leadership skills as they relate to handling employee conflict

Program Outline:

The Great Employment Law Quiz

In the opening exercise of this section of our training, we have each participant complete an employment law quiz, which is a short questionnaire with 20 questions that are presented in a true-false format. Once they take and then score the quiz, most leaders are shocked to learn that they do not know nearly as much about employment law is they think they do. This makes them much more motivated to learn more in the class.

The Alphabet Soup of Employment Law

In this segment of the training program, we cover everything from Title VII, ADA, ADAE, USERRA, PDA, and more. Many leaders are confused by the complexity of the laws about discrimination, disabilities, age discrimination, reemployment of veterans, and pregnancy discrimination. During this portion of the program, many leaders discover that they were blissfully unaware of many of these parts of federal law. After gaining this awareness, they will be much less likely to make costly mistakes by running afoul of the law. Morale in their company will also be enhanced.

Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention

In this part of the training, we talk about one of the most intensely controversial topics in all in employment law–sexual harassment prevention. Because leaders are on the front lines every day at work, it’s important for them to fully understand what constitutes sexual harassment, and know all there is to know about this type of harassment, sexual discrimination and sexual harassment prevention. Because this is such a sensitive and important subject that it is easy to both under- and over-react to a situation, we give the participants a very solid list of 1) what they should do and, 2) what they should not do. This two-pronged approach is essential in order to avoid putting your company in a position of liability, including a review of some infamous cases in the news.

The Danger Zone: Hiring and Interviewing

One other area that is a minefield for potential liability is the area of interviewing and hiring. We find that many people in a leadership role do not understand what is illegal in interviewing and hiring. This includes 1) not knowing what they are not allowed to ask and 2) not knowing what they are allowed to ask in an interview from a legal perspective. We give leaders all of the information that they need in order to avoid making some of those costly mistakes, and to operate on the right side of the law, while still having the freedom to find out enough about an applicant to make sound judgments about their potential value to the company.

Money, Money, Money

In this part of our training program, we cover all of the laws that govern pay and benefits. While we understand that most people in a leadership role are not going to be setting up payroll and compensation, we still believe they have to be aware of what is and is not legal in the arena of compensation. We cover the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, The Equal Pay Act of 1963, and Workmen’s Compensation. This gives people in a leadership role an overview and awareness of the legalities surrounding employee compensation.

Performance Management

One of the key responsibilities of leaders is to manage the performance of each team member. In this part of the program, we give managers and leaders the tools and tips that they need to legally manage performance including documentation, coaching, counseling and working with Human Resources.

Handling Employee Conflict

One of the most volatile areas of being a leader is handling conflict amongst employees who have issues, or employees who are in direct conflict with their manager. In this segment of the program, we give managers and leaders guidelines as to how to handle employee complaints, how to skillfully manage those complaints and when and how they should involve HR when necessary.

The Unpleasant Task of Termination

Unfortunately, there are times when leaders have to perform the unpleasant task of terminating an employee for cause, or to inform an employee that there has been a layoff, and that they are being let go. In this part of the program, we provide specific guidelines for legally handling termination, for the necessary documentation and for necessary processes they must follow in order to reduce or eliminate liability.

Action Plans

We wrap up the training session by asking each participant to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.

Class Formats:

  • Option #1: One half day program

  • Option #2: (2) webinars

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