Leveraging Your Leadership Executive Coaching

The world at work is becoming more complex faster paced and more challenging. Leaders are also put in very demanding positions which require a diverse set of skill sets.

This creates two problems:

We often promote people to positions because they are technically brilliant but don’t teach them how to be effective leaders.

As they continue to climb the ladder- leaders are so busy more is expected from them but they don’t get development they need.

How it works:

The coaching process consists of 3-6 months of monthly meetings that are all about identifying what the executive needs to work on to maximize their effectiveness. The process includes:


An individual comprehensive leadership assessment with an in-depth report on strengths and areas for improvement.


A live or skype initial intake meeting to debrief results of the assessment and determine their strengths needs and areas for improvement.


Recommended resources which can include reading assignments, self study and custom action plans.

In the first meeting, we set the foundation and to identify what the executives goals are and what they want work on. We then create an individual action plan for getting real results. They then immediately start implementing the tools and strategies we discussed. We also provide unlimited email support. There is then a follow up meeting with them the following month to hold them accountable for what we talked about and to of course, celebrate wins.


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I have know and worked with Shawn Doyle for many years.  We have worked and interacted together in many areas…as a speaker, trainer, coach and as an author. How lucky am I?
As a speaker and trainer, Shawn asks the right questions to create and deliver the program to an audience that is spot on and one that the client had asked for.  Brilliant!
As a coach, Shawn is thoughtful, insightful and informative.  He knows how to get to the heart of the issues and allow the person to find the answers to help them self. His coaching is productive, corrective and stimulating. Excellent!
As an author, Shawn is a prolific writer and is intuitive and just knows what an audience is interested in. His writing is filled with spirit, information, guidelines and is fun, funny, inspirational and always from the heart. Wonderful!
As I said, how luck am I to know Shawn Doyle and to have had many opportunities to work with his all these years.  Thanks Shawn!!!
Lauren Anderson

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