I just returned from The National Speakers Association meeting in NYC. It Rocked! Imagine sitting in a room with 2000 profesional speakers!
I attended seminars, saw famous and not so famous speakers, made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I learned a ton and it really gave me some new GREAT ideas for my business and my life.
If you want to get motivated and stay there or you need a boost- go to a conference in your industry! Company doesn’t pay for it? Go on your own dime. Its not cheap but let me tell you it can transform your life. Follow these guidelines:
1) Go with a goal in mind ( what do you want to learn?)
2) Say Hello to everyone you meet in every room and try to figure out what you can learn from them.
3) If people you know attend- sit with other people- expand your world.
4) Be strategic and plan what sessions you are going to attend.
You are spending the time and the money and the effort make it count! It will pay you back in ways you cant imagine.