Hire Smart: Interviewing and Hiring to Get the Best


The quality of a team and a company is in direct correlation to the quality of the interview process and the skills of the interviewer. Unfortunately, Most companies don’t train managers how to interview. This program gives managers the skill sets they need to become savvy, effective and smart interviewers.


  • To help leaders think more strategically about hiring and interviewing
  • To help leaders understand the tactics in interviewing
  • To learn the interview process
  • To learn and understand effective interview questions
  • To know how to review resumes effectively

Program Outline:

Benefits of Interviewing and Hiring Well

At the start of the program, we talk with the group about the many benefits of solid interviewing skills and the impact it can have on the team and the organization.

6 Laws of interviewing

In this module we give leaders some key principles to follow to help them be better interviewers. We also talk about the three areas that every leader should look at before they start the interview process.

How to find talent

In this part of the program we talk about the techniques of finding talent. Many people think is just the role of HR, but that isn’t true. We give managers ten different methods for finding talent and then lead them through an exercise about talent.

10 Tips to Live By for Interviewing

What are things you should do and what are things you shouldn’t do? This segment answers those questions, and gives leaders some inside tips and techniques to help you be great at interviewing.

How to Look at Resumes

The problem with resumes is they are written to “sell” the candidate. This makes looking at resumes objectively somewhat difficult. In this module, we give leaders eleven different areas on resumes to look at, and how to ask questions about them to determine what they mean.

The 4 Step Interview Process

What is the best way to interview successfully? We teach leaders how to use our four-step interview process. We cover each step in depth, and explain why it will ensure they get a better hire by using it. We also discuss as a group the benefits of having a comprehensive interview process.

Effective Interview Questions

What is the secret of great interviewers? It’s no secret at all; it’s about asking great questions. We talk about the kinds of questions to ask, how to follow up a question, and what great questions are really designed to do in the interview. We provide a list of our favorite 21 question that they can use in their interviews. In a group exercise separate groups come up with their own interviewing questions and then report out.

Interview tactics

Many candidates have been trained on how to interview, what to say and how to say it. The key then for the interviewer is to get around their tactics is for leaders to employ their own tactics. In this segment leaders learn eleven different tactics to allow them to get to the real person in an interview and around the façade that many people present.

The Interview

In this engaging exercise, two people come to the front of the room and roleplay an interview. After the roleplay- the group has a discussion on what went well and what could be improved.

The Interview #2

In this exercise, people divide into groups and practice their own interviewing roleplays. They then give each other feedback.

Action Plan

Each person is asked to develop an action plan on how they are going to apply what they learned.


Class Formats:

  • Option #1: Half day live class
  • Option #2: Full day live class
  • Option #3: (2)Webinars

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