Jumpstart Your Customer Service


One of the keys to being successful is providing exceptional customer service. This program, based on Shawn Doyle's book, Jumpstart Your Customer Service, provides real stories that illustrate what great customer service looks like in real life.


  • To discuss and learn customer service techniques

  • To discuss and define what great service looks like

  • To learn new techniques and approaches for providing great customer service

  • To learn and apply new idea for great customer service

  • Program Outline:

    In each section we will review with the participants a story about a real person and how they provide great service in their world.

    Being a hero

    In this module we talk the true story of “Hot Dog Man” a guy who has a hot dog stand and how great his service is every day. The lessons in his story can be transferred back to each person’s workplace.

    Peddler points

    In this story we talk about a man who runs a seafood market, and how he is able to provide “over and above” customer service. Elements such as loyalty, passion, learning and training are all covered.

    Customer service is made

    In this story we cover a story of a woman who built a home cleaning service from scratch into a multi-million dollar business. Topics such as curiosity, people awareness and optimism are all covered and then related to customer service.

    Service advisor

    In the module we discuss a car dealership service advisor who is so customer-service oriented that customers will only bring in their cars when he is working. Topics such as respect, hard work and the big picture are all covered. We then ask people to chart all the qualities and how they can do them more consistently in their organization.

    Maintaining customer service

    The group learns about the story of a hotel maintenance man and how he was repeatedly named Employee of the Year. Topics like treating other people with respect, what to do when people are difficult, and persistence are all covered.

    We cover several more examples in the program.

    We wrap up the program with a discussion of key customer service principles and how they can be applied to every organization.

    Action Plans

    We conclude the session by asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.


    • Option #1: Full day program

    • Option #2: (2) webinars

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