Jumpstart Your Networking


The old saying, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” is still true. In this thought-provoking interactive training program, we share with you the tools, tips and techniques for networking to grow your business, enhance your career, be more efficient at work and grow your social networks. This program is based on Shawn’s Doyle book on networking.


  • To understand how to network effectively for your professional and personal benefit

  • To talk about and understand how to set networking goals

  • To learn the tools and techniques for effectively networking at events

  • To learn how to build your network in person and through social media like LinkedIn

  • To understand the fundamental aspects of networking internally and externally

Program Outline:

Avoiding the Major Mistakes of Networking

In our opening module, we talk about the benefits of networking, as well as the 10 biggest mistakes that people make when networking. We then divide the group into teams so they can discuss which mistakes they need to work on the most, and other mistakes that they have observed in their experiences.

Knowing Your Goals and Objectives

Many people in our training programs go to networking events, and they readily admit that they had not decided in advance what their goals for networking are; instead, they just network. But you can’t hit a target if you don’t know where it is, so in this module we talk about how to clearly articulate and define your goals and objectives around networking, and how to measure success.

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Network

Many people say that LinkedIn can be a time drain, but the reality is that it is an excellent networking tool. In this module we talk about the key elements of networking effectively on LinkedIn: Your profile, other people’s profiles, connections that increase your connections, and using groups. At the end of this segment, everyone on your team will know how to effectively use LinkedIn as a networking tool.

How to Network in Person

In this segment, we talk about how to become an expert at face-to-face networking, and the proper mindset for networking. We introduce the participants to the P.A.C.E. model, a proven and effective model for networking.

Intelligent Internal Networking

In this portion of the program, we talk about how to network internally, and how doing so can be extremely beneficial for your career development and your chances of promotion. We’ll discuss why people don’t network internally, and give participants a long list of techniques to make their internal networking more effective and efficient.

Being a Virtual Networker

In this segment, we talk about networking by using dozens of techniques to network with people when you are not with them in person.

Networking Through Groups

In this part of the program, we cover the categories and the kinds of groups people can belong to in order to connect with other people. These groups include civic organizations, charitable organizations, industry organizations and business organizations.


  • Option #1: One half day program

  • Option #2: (2) webinars

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