Leader’s Guide to Creating a Motivational Environment


It is an age-old question: How do leaders motivate employees? How do you create an environment where people are excited and fired up? This program provides the tools and techniques to create and build a motivational environment.


  • To examine the aspects of employee motivation

  • To analyze the strengths and areas for improvement in creating a motivational environment

  • To learn the 10 aspects of motivation and how to apply them

  • To create an action plan for enhancement of the environment of the team

Program Outline:

Can a Manager Motivate an Employee?

In the opening module, groups of four people get together and talk about and discuss three very important questions about motivation. After each group has met, there is a debriefing, and then the truth about managers and motivation is revealed. These facts and this information is shocking to many participants.

Definition of Motivation

In this segment, there is an examination of what motivation is and how to define it. Then we look at some research on why motivation is so important, and the benefits of a motivational environment.

10 Aspects of Creating a Motivational Environment

How do we create a motivational environment? We cover the 10 aspects of creating a motivational environment based on Shawn Doyle’s book. Learners are asked to complete a Motivational Environment Assessment. Once it is scored, they are asked to discuss their result with others at their table.

The Physical Environment

In this section, we cover the impact that the physical environment can have on motivation, and the six key elements that can be examined to make adjustments, as well as three critical questions that need to be answered for this area.

The Purpose of the Work

In this module, we talk about the research about what really motivates employees, and the eight methods for helping employees understand the purpose of their work.

A Positive Environment

In this program we talk about the importance of setting expectations, the GDM meeting for each employee, and how to conduct that meeting for the most impact. We also review eight ways to know what motivates a team member, and how to know what they are with each person.

The Importance of Reward

In this segment, we cover the critically important components of reward, which helps team members feel appreciated and acknowledged. We cover five key areas of reward that leaders can use to create a motivational environment.

Communicating the Plans

Many managers say they are good communicators, but many employees say they don’t feel in the loop. In this section we talk about how a leader can better communicate current and future plans with individuals and groups.

Action Plan

Each person is asked to develop an action plan on how they are going to apply what they learned.

Class Formats:

  • Option #1: Half day live class

  • Option #2: (2) Webinars

  • Option #3: (2) Half day live programs

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