Leadership vs. Management

What is the difference?


Many people have reported to leaders that were actually managers, not leaders. In this program, we talk about the significant differences between mangers and leaders, and why so few leaders actually lead.


  • To get the group to think and talk about the differences between Leadership and Management

  • To determine which they do more often – manage or lead, and why

  • To create an action plan for future leadership and management

Program Outline:

Great Leaders

We start off this program with an exercise. People are divided into groups and then, working together, they list great leaders they have reported to, and what qualities made them great.

What is the definition of management?

In this section, we take a close look at the definition of management and leadership, by having groups come up with their own definitions. We then talk about the official definitions. We then look at a list that defines the difference between managers and leaders.

Why are we talking about this topic?

In this portion of the program we ask groups to discuss why this topic is important. They then report out why they think it matters.

Time Track

In this exercise we ask people to look at how they spend their time every week. They often find they spend almost all their time managing and almost no time at all leading.

Action Plan

Each person is asked to develop an action plan on how they are going to apply what they learned.

Class Formats:

  • Option #1: Half day live class

  • Option #2: 1 Webinar

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