Listening Power for Leaders

The critical skill for leading people


In this program, leaders will learn how to listen more effectively, enhance communication and get more done. In Listening Power, they will learn the reasons why we don’t listen, as well as why we should and the difference between hearing and listening.


  • To get the group to think about how they listen as leaders

  • To determine strengths and areas for improvement as it relates to listening

  • To create an action plan for developing future listening skills

Program Outline:

The best listener in the world

In this segment, participants are asked to list the best listeners they know and to define why they are so good at listening. The group ends up developing a list of the positive qualities and skills of good listeners.

Why listening is a challenge

In this module, we cover why listening is challenging in terms of education, science, biology and societies view of listening. Participants are surprised to find why we struggle with listening.

The benefits of being a leader who listens

In this portion of the program, we talk about all the benefits for a leader who becomes a skilled listener, and the impact this can have on the team. In a group the benefits are discussed an evaluated.

Listening assessment

Each person in class will take a comprehensive listening assessment that evaluates 7 specific listening skills that contribute to being a great listening leader. The assessments are then scored to determine strengths and area to work on developing.

Where are you?

Each segment of the assessment is reviewed in depth, in order to help participants know how to improve in each area. The areas covered are:

  1. Predisposition/temperament
  2. Creating a conducive environment
  3. Showing positive interest
  4. Reading the speaker
  5. Empathizing
  6. Paying attention and concentrating
  7. Understand and reflect the message

Action Planning

Once each competency has been covered, then each person is asked to complete an in-depth Action Plan in order to be a better listening leader.


Class Formats:

  • Option #1: one half day live class
  • Option #2: 1 webinar

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