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For salespeople to be Sales Pros, they need to learn the art and science of negotiating. Successful Sales Pros are successful negotiators.


  • To understand how each attendee feels about negotiating

  • To understand and discuss the myths about negotiating and how to overcome them by knowing what really works

  • To understand 21 classic negotiating tactics you may encounter and how to counteract each

  • To understand how to properly prepare for negotiating

  • To know the elements of negotiating, what is negotiable and what is not, and to be able to complete a negotiating analysis sheet

  • To increase communication skills and also understand transactional analysis

Program Outline:

In the first part of the training program, we involve the class immediately by participating in a highly interactive training exercise where they get to sell a product. After the products are all sold, we debrief everyone to explore which groups had the best results and why.

Self analysis

If you are a Sales Pro, and part of your job is to negotiate on a regular basis, it’s important to understand how you feel about negotiating by completing a negotiating self-analysis sheet. This will help each attendee to approach negotiations with a more positive attitude.

Myths about negotiating

In this section of the program, we talk about the common myths about negotiating and show why they are actually not true at all. This exercise changes the way sales professionals think about negotiating and gives them pause, so they reconsider how they think of negotiating in the first place, essential if they are to approach negotiating realistically and effectively.

Negotiating tactics

In this portion of the training, we cover 21 classic negotiating tactics and how to counter and overcome each one. Many people who don’t prepare properly can have a tactic used against them during negotiations that they don’t even realize is a tactic, let alone knowing how to overcome that tactic.

Negotiation preparation

In this module, we cover all of the information that a Sales Pro needs in order to properly prepare for a meeting that involves negotiation. We have found that one of the big flaws that people face when negotiating is lack of proper preparation, which does not make them either confident or competent.

What can we negotiate?

Many people, when they negotiate, think that one thing and one thing only can be negotiated, and that is the price. However, there are actually over 17 items that can be considered when negotiating, and all them are negotiating factors that should be part of the negotiation process. We also give attendees guidelines on negotiating that they can follow in order to be most effective.

Transactional analysis

In this part of the training program, we give Sales Pros a communication skill, which is often overlooked, and that many people have never actually heard of in the modern era. That is the skill of transactional analysis. Understanding transactional analysis allows sales professionals to tailor the message to the person they’re communicating with in order to connect more effectively.

Understanding body language

In this module, we cover the importance of understanding body language, which includes making a good first impression, body language quirks that create a bad impression (and also reduce the level of trust of the person you’re meeting), and an understanding of how to read facial expressions.

Action Plans

We wrap up the training session by asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.


  • Option #1: One half day program

  • Option #2: (1) webinar

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