Sales Pro: Objections

There is a big difference between a salesperson and a Sales Pro, short for “professional.” In this training program on objections, we teach sales professionals how to skillfully and artfully handle objections.


  • To understand what reasonable objections really are, and learn how to handle them

  • To learn to use tools and effective techniques for overcoming objections

  • To learn how to know buyers’ relationship preferences

  • We will review common objections and ways to overcome them

  • To learn our proprietary format for proposals that ensure a much higher level of success in selling

  • To use creative and innovative techniques for handling objections that are not used by most sales people, only sales pros


Just the facts ma’am
In the first segment of our program, we talk about the idea that the age of manipulation is over and the old ways of overcoming objections do not work. We also cover effective ways to use facts and figures and data in order to overcome objections.

Relationship preferences

In this part of the program, we talk about the relationship preferences that buyers have, and how to adapt your approach to each one of their styles. The idea of relationship preferences is a concept that many sales pros have never thought about until later in their careers.

Objections laboratory

In this part of the program, we break people into smaller groups, and determine the most common objections they get and how to overcome them. This gives Sales Pros specific ideas and techniques for overcoming the most common objections that they hear all of the time.

Proposals that work

In this section of the program, we give Sales Pros our proprietary format for developing proposals that work much more effectively than the ones they have been putting together, and increase the rate of closing significantly. We also talk about outlining for the client the step-by-step sales process so that they understand it, and will know how to create a real sense of urgency in their clients.

What is your story

In this module of the training, we talk about putting testimonials and positive experiences that other people have had with their product or service into a story-telling format. We then show how this helps to reduce the risk factor in the client’s mind, which will greatly increase their ability to say yes.


In many cases, a key strategic error that many sales professionals make is not following up in a timely manner, or not following up at all. In this segment of the program, we talk about the importance of following up to keep your presentation alive in the client’s mind, and how by following up you can enhance your credibility.

Magnetism and leverage

In the last segment of the training, we talk about what it means to become a magnetic salesperson in terms of the sales person themself, the company, and its products. By applying some of these approaches, sales professionals will greatly increase their level of client retention, as well as adding new clients.

Action Plans

We wrap up the session by asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.

Class Formats:

  • Option #1: One day program

  • Option #2: (2) webinars

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