Sales Pro: Prospecting


The lifeblood of any sales professional’s success is being able to prospect to find new clients for sales and new business. In this thought-provoking and interactive program, we give sales professionals a new look at prospecting by using creative approaches.


  • To learn and understand core techniques for attracting clients and prospects to you

  • To learn and understand specific outbound techniques for finding and landing new clients

  • To understand the ideal client profile in order to be more successful

  • To learn and understand specifically what you’re really selling

  • To complete and debrief prospecting assessment to determine how you feel about prospecting

  • To complete and discuss a prospecting plan

Program Outline:

Having clients come to you

In the introductory module of this program, we talk in great depth with sales professionals about how to get clients who are interested in their product or service to come to them. We cover over 10 specific techniques that are highly creative and unique that will help sales professionals attract new clients. We cover items including social media, referrals and using LinkedIn for having clients come to you.

Finding clients

In the next segment of our program, we cover many tools, techniques and approaches to outbound ways of finding new clients and booking new business. We cover everything from social media to tradeshow follow-up, and include many new ideas some sales professionals have not thought of using.

Who is your ideal client?

We have trained thousands of salespeople across the world and it is interesting that many sales professionals have never thought through who they would define as their “ideal client”. In this part of the program, we talk about demographics, target markets, psychographics and behaviors. Working through these lists help sales professionals determine who it is they’re really looking for, because they then will have criteria to use to find their best clients.

Prospecting self-assessment

In this portion of the program we ask sales professionals to complete a prospecting self-assessment in writing. We have an in-depth discussion about their answers, and sales professionals realize how they actually feel about prospecting. They also complete a prospecting worksheet which will help them answer many more questions about who their best clients are now and the qualities that the best clients they have now have in common.

Prospecting plan worksheet

Each participant in the class is asked to complete a prospecting plan worksheet in order to apply the tips the techniques that they learned in this module.

Action Plans

We wrap up the session with asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.

Class Formats:

  • Option #1: One two hour program

  • Option #2: (1) webinar

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