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Sales Pro is a four-day developmental program for sales and business development professionals. It is based on the idea that sales training is a process and not an event. The program is held one day a month for four months. The sales professionals learn the concepts apply them and then come back and learn some more. This program covers every aspect of the sales process, from prospecting to customer service and can be helpful for newer sales professionals as well as veteran salespeople who need to be reminded of what they forgot that they knew. This program is based on Shawn Doyle’s experience of 29 years both as a salesperson and a buyer as well as training salespeople in the United States, Canada and the UK.


  • To learn the techniques in order to properly prepare for sales effectiveness

  • To learn ideas and techniques for setting up an initial meeting with a client or prospect

  • To understand and be able to articulate the unique selling proposition of your product service and company

  • To learn effective presentation skills

  • To discuss and learn the professional methods for overcoming objections

  • To master how to communicate with customers by understanding their behavioral styles

  • To gain understanding of what components make up a successful proposal

  • To learn and apply techniques for providing extraordinary customer service after the sale

Program Outline:

The Keys to Effective Preparation

In the first segment of the program, we talk about the importance of effective preparation including what to prepare, how to research the client before the initial call, resources for research and how to do a competitive analysis. Sales pros learn many new ideas and techniques about preparation just from this section alone.

Articulation and Distinction

In this module, sales pros learn the important aspects of articulation and distinction, specifically thinking about and learning about how to position the uniqueness of the company products and the services. This allows the sales pro to properly position products or service with the clients and to point out how the products are truly different and unique.

Initial meeting

In this section of the program, we talk about the importance of the initial contact with prospects. Through thought-provoking exercises and activities as well as group discussions, we talk about handling the initial meeting, including phone calls and emails, pre-meeting communications and the very important and often overlooked 80/20 rule as it relates to communicating particularly on an initial call.

Presentation skills

Sales professionals often are required to give presentations to groups as part of their sales role. In this module we cover how to effective facilitate one to one as well as group presentations, how to use documentation appropriately, when to use and when not to use the dreaded PowerPoint, as well as using handouts effectively.

Handling Objections

Every sales professional experiences clients and prospects who object to something in their sales proposals. In this segment we talk about the idea that old closing techniques do not work, and that there is a new way of approaching objections in the modern world. We talk in depth about four scenarios for objections and give sales pros proven methodologies and formulas for overcoming objections. We also do a fun exercise where we ask them to identify their top objections and we talk about how to overcome them.

Communication Skills

We believe that in order for salespeople to be effective they need to be great communicators. In this module we teach them something called behavioral styles, which is a very valuable tool for sales professionals in order to evaluate how they’re communicating with their clients and prospects. We also talk about adapting their approach to the individual person, transactional analysis and understanding the science of proxemics.


In this part of the program we talk in great depth about proposals that work and don’t work. We also introduce them to our proprietary Three-Option proposal formula, which increases sales, increases margins and the percentage of accounts that are closed. We also discussed the idea that proposals have to be needs-based as opposed to product-based.


After sales professionals have made the sale, it is then up to them to provide good enough service to keep and maintain the account. In this module we cover service commandments, resources, the secret of networking, reasons to communicate and follow up, and ways to make connections that others don’t make.

Action Plans

We wrap up the session with asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.

Class Formats:

  • Option #1: 4 day program

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