SAS: Advanced selling skills for selling after the sale


The first step in any successful business is making the initial sale. However, after the initial sale is made, an important aspect of business is to build and maintain relationships for increase sales. That is what this program is all about.


  • To learn and understand behavioral styles in order to adapt your approach to each client

  • To enhance and build additional communication skills

  • To learn and understand how to handle objections from clients

  • To understand tools and tips for building relationships

  • To gain new skills and to learn how to become a better listener

Program Outline:

“I like your style.”

In the first portion of our program we talk about the importance of first, understanding your own personal style for communication, and then understanding the style of the client in order to adapt your approach to them. We talk about the do’s and don’ts for each specific style in order to be as effective as possible, as well as how to adapt your style to theirs.

Handling objections

If you are in the customer relationship business, and are trying to upsell great clients, you’re going to occasionally experience rejection and objections. In this part of the program we talk about how to handle objections, and talk about types of objections and the solutions for each one

Building the relationship

In order to build relationships with clients it has to be a conscious strategic effort in order to get results. In part of the program we cover 10 keys for building and maintaining effective relationships in order to sell more and improve client retention. We also talk about the kinds of questions you need to ask in order to help build relationships.

“I can hear you.”

In this section of the program we cover the importance of having effective listening skills by giving each person in the class a written listening assessment and determining their strengths and their areas for improvement. This helps people greatly enhance their awareness as a listener and improves their ability to sell more effectively.

Action Plans

We wrap up the session by asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.

Class Formats:

  • Option #1: Full day program

  • Option #2: (2) webinars

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