Targeted Customer Service


In this program, employees and supervisors from any level learn how to deliver world-class service. This program is rich in interactive content, and gets employees to think differently about delivering exceptional customer service.


  • To learn the four key elements of exceptional customer service

  • To learn and understand how to handle conflict

  • To learn about and improve communication skills

  • To understand how company and product knowledge relate to customer service

  • How to adopt and maintain a customer service mindset

Program Outline:

Introduction to Customer Service

In our opening module, we talk about customer service statistics, and how much bad customer service can cost a company in terms of revenue and profit. We also have participants complete a customer service assessment and talk about customer service standards.

Handling Conflict

Part of providing exceptional customer service involves dealing with conflict with both external and internal customers in a diplomatic and effective manner. This includes discussions about the common causes of conflict, as well as handling emotional triggers in people who need to learn to communicate more effectively.


An important element of customer service is effective communication. In this portion of the program, we teach the participants the art and science of using transactional analysis to directly improve dialogue and communication with customers. We also talk about the importance of vocal tone, using the right words and the appropriate ways to display empathy.

Company and Product Knowledge

Company and product knowledge is a component of customer service. When people have an in-depth knowledge of both product and company, they are able to provide better customer service. In this module we also talk about professionalism and using resources in order to get the answers that you need to provide the best service to your customers.

Customer Service Mindset

In the last portion of this program, we talk about what it means to develop a customer service mindset by aligning it with the organization’s mission and vision, translating it into action and developing behavioral standards.

Action Plans

We wrap up the session by asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan to apply what he or she have learned.


  • Option #1: One half day program

  • Option #2: (2) webinars

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