The 10 Foundations of Leadership


In this program leaders, managers and supervisors will learn the 10 key foundational skills needed to be an effective leader or manager in today’s busy work world.


  • To understand how to convey and use mission and vision statements to effectively lead.
  • To learn about the importance of having a short mid and long term plan.
  • To develop skills to effectively interview and hire new team members.
  • To know how to motivate employees, develop them and reward them for performance.
  • To gain an understanding of how stories impact leaders ability to inspire and motivate.

Program Outline:

Foundation One: Have a mission and vision statement

In this module, we talk about the benefits of having a mission and vision statement. After all you can’t hit a target if you don’t know what it is! There is a group discussion about what to do if you have one and what to do if you don’t.

Foundation Two: Have a short, mid and long term plan

In this module, we cover the importance of short mid and long term planning and the benefits it provides as a leader.

Foundation Three: Hire people smarter than you.

Guess what? Hiring people smarter than you is actually smart. In this module we talk about tips and techniques for interviewing and hiring smarter, and how to get the best performance out of your team.

Foundation Four: Communication is the key

If you’re going to be an effective leader, you have to be a great communicator. In this section we talk about why communication matters, how to become a better communicator, and tips and techniques for communicating with each team member.

Foundation Five: Create a motivational environment

People want to go to work with people they like, and to a place that is fun energetic and rewarding. In this module we talk about tools for building, creating and maintaining a motivational environment.

Foundation Six: Reward Exceptional Performance

People always say that everyone has to be treated the same- but that is not true. In this module we cover how to treat the top performers in the way they deserve to be treated. We also talk about creative ways to reward team members.

Foundation Seven: Hold people accountable

In many organizations managers don’t hold people accountable for expectations. In this module we cover why managers don’t do it, and how to communicate expectations more clearly.

Foundation Eight: Commit to the development of your team

Far too few managers don’t commit to developing their team members. In this module we cover 16 key principles for developing team members to their full potential. The leaders will have the tools to immediately start developing each team member individually. This will help increase morale and increase productivity.

Foundation Nine: Tell the story

We believe that one of the most effective ways to lead is too help people learn key concepts and lessons through stories. This is a skill in leadership which is often overlooked. We cover what kind of stories that work, and the pitfalls to look for when telling stories.

Foundation Ten: Be honest and authentic

In order to connect with people and lead them effectively- leaders have to be real and authentic. To many leaders just present the public façade. In this segment, we take a hard look at and discuss five ways that leaders can ensure they are being honest and authentic all the time.


Class Formats:

  • Option #1: One day live class
  • Option #2: (3) Webinars
  • Option #3: (2) Half day live programs

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