3000 American adults were asked to look at eight different scenarios and asked them to define them as sexual harassment or not. On an extreme example, all agreed that it was.  
On unwanted compliments about your appearance 38% said it was sexual harassment, and 47% said it wasn’t.
On Dirty Jokes 41% said it was, and 44% said it wasn’t.
On Nonconsensual Hugging 44% said it was, 40% said it wasn’t.

The problem is that people

come to work with different ideas about what is and is not harassment. These are your employees. In the world we live in today- it’s a scary thought.  

The solution…

You must provide training to educate everyone about this issue. In order to protect your organization from liability, you need to get everyone on the same page and make your policies crystal clear.

In our program called What You Don’t Know Could Hurt You! we help train and educate your teams in an interactive, entertaining, thought provoking and content rich two-hour program.


The Great American Sexual Harassment Quiz

Participants take a true/false quiz and are shocked by the number of wrong answers they have.


It’s All In The Law

We explain the laws that govern sexual harassment and exactly what they mean at work in terms of respectful behavior.

It’s Going to Cost You

In this segment, we discuss some famous cases of sexual harassment and what it costs organizations to settle the cases.

Behave Yourself

In this module we have people break into groups and they have to decide which cases are sexual harassment.

Good Guidance

In the last segment we give people some solid guidelines on how to prevent sexual harassment at work.

We ask people to sign a contract saying they understood what they just learned and will abide by the organizations guidelines.

This program is available in three formats:

  • Class- Live facilitation by us in your location.
  • Webinar- As a webinar for people who are geographically dispersed.
  • Certification- We can certify your facilitators to teach our program.

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