The Terrific Tradeshow


Many companies and organizations are involved with doing trade shows; sometimes dozens of them a year. Trade shows are laborious and expensive, and require a great deal of time and effort. Unfortunately, a lot of organizations waste money with their participation in trade shows because they don’t know how to master tradeshow effectiveness. This program gives people the tools and techniques they need in order to maximize your investment in a tradeshow to get the ultimate return.


  • To help people understand how tradeshow selling and exhibiting works

  • To learn about how to properly prepare for a tradeshow

  • To discuss and learn how to sell and market at a tradeshow booth

  • To discuss the aspects and elements of follow-up after the tradeshow

  • To talk about what you should and should not do at a tradeshow, ever

Program Outline:

What are you going to do?

In the opening segment of this program, we talk about the importance of understanding; (before you book space for a tradeshow and before you attend) and clearly articulating what your objectives for the show are. We walk through an exercise where everyone makes a list of their tradeshow objectives.

Working the Tradeshow: During

Unfortunately most people do not know how to work a tradeshow booth effectively. In this module we train people on our three-step process for effective tradeshow engagement. The steps are 1) Great and connect 2) Qualify 3) Collect. If you train people who are manning the booth in these three steps you will be much more effective. We also cover the visitor process map, 12 ways to make great conversation, six qualifying questions, and closing for the next step.

Working the Tradeshow: After

In our experience we have found that, after the trade show is over, most people do not follow up well with people who have visited their booth and indicated an interest in the product or service. In this segment, we talk about the value of having a specific multi-step process for following up after the tradeshow is over.

Action Plan

Once we have completed the entire training, at the end of the program we ask each person to develop an action plan as to how they’re going to apply everything they learned in the program.

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