What Matters: Diversity and Inclusion


We live in a very diverse country with many diverse cities, and many companies are becoming more diverse each year. That means your employees have to be more aware of diversity and inclusion.


  • To understand and define diversity

  • To learn and understand the laws that relate to diversity

  • To discuss and understand stereotypes and their negative impact

  • To understand the impact of words and language

  • The benefits of diversity in the workplace

  • Hiring for diversity and inclusion

  • The Diversity R.E.S.P.E.C.T. formula

Program Outline:

Let’s define diversity

In the opening exercise of this program, we asked people to break into individual groups to come up with a definition of diversity. Then have an in-depth and thought-provoking discussion about what diversity is and is not.

Letter of the law

In this portion of the program we talk about the federal laws that regulate diversity and why they matter. Many participants are often shocked because they were not aware of federal laws that regulate diversity and inclusion. When employees understand the origin of the law and it helps them to understand diversity better from a legal standpoint

Understanding stereotypes

In this part of the program we talk about stereotypes and how they relate to diversity and inclusion. This thought-provoking part of the program encourages participants to reevaluate the stereotypes it enabled me to understand how they can be detrimental to the people that have been stereotyped.

Benefits of diversity

In this portion of the program we talk about how organizations and companies greatly benefit from having a more diverse workforce and what the benefits of diversity can be.

Hiring for diversity

In this part of the program we talk about some of the issues to be aware of when hiring for diversity and inclusion including the danger of hiring in your own image. We also give participants a multi-step process for improving their hiring effectiveness overall for diversity and inclusion.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T formula

In the last part of our program we talk about the diversity formula
R.E.S.P.E.C.T and how it can help you be more aware of diversity at work. Many people believe that diversity means agreement, but diversity does not necessarily mean agreement, it just means respecting people and their thoughts and ideas and culture.

Action Plans

We wrap up the session by asking each person to create a comprehensive action plan on how they are going to apply what they have learned.


  • Option #1: Full day program

  • Option #2: (2) webinars

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